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Writing Prompt 1

Updated: Apr 15

Finding the overlap in seemingly different things and choosing what inspires us has always been a compelling process for me. Art imitates life and therefore, science. A lot of my inspiration has come from the way nature moves because I wish I could move like it, seamlessly and without unnecessary friction.

My favorite flower is the daffodil, the early bloomer of spring and the first to grow from winter’s frost. It is the beautiful narcissus beckoning those around to pick and eat, but daffodils are poisonous, as many plants are. Unable to fight off predators through physical means, daffodils contain needle-shaped crystals that burn the lips, mouth, and tongue should the sap be consumed. An excerpt of my poem (still drafting below) is below:

I know them by the crystals

in their sap that fissure skin

and moist, rough tongues

once torn and ingested.

For who does not want

to consume such beauty?

Who has not fallen

for the trap that to devour

is the only way to love?

A single plant can embody the entire processes of life: growth, food production, protection, and beauty all from its essence. There’s a lot we can focus on and explore. Feel free to send me a message to share how the process went for you!


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