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To My Readers: Welcome

Updated: Apr 16

Dear Readers,

Welcome! As we embark on this journey together, I am thrilled to post this first blog post of The Antsy Verse, where I will introduce both the blog and myself.

My name is Allie and a writer and educator based in Brooklyn, previously a local journalist for Bushwick Daily and BK Reader. For so long, I’ve thought about creating a home for my writing to engage with my creative community of dreamers, thinkers, and compassionate souls. Those who empathize with humanity, cherish the Earth (huge nature-inspired writer), and find solace in words that evoke, uplift, provoke, and challenge. This is the essence of The Antsy Verse, a labor of love.

Here, you will discover my reflections on writing, predominantly poetry, inspired by my experiences and readings. Some posts will feature writing prompts and showcase poems from various authors. Others will offer insights and techniques that have shaped my poetic style. Undoubtedly, some content will not fit into these categories. I am adapting as I craft this blog and encourage you to do the same!

Feel free to reach out and join the conversation. Let's keep this dialogue alive!

Your truly,



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