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All About The Antsy Verse

a Bushwick-based series

The Antsy Verse is a Bushwick-based creative force that focuses on community building and strives to unite passionate creatives eager to collaborate, innovate, and evolve with others. The name "Antsy" represents that excited energy, that urgency to move, that desire to share the ideas bouncing around our minds like projectiles. It represents the restless creativity within us. 

Along with open mics and forthcoming partnerships with community spaces that will serve as networking and community-building opportunities to uplift the creative sphere from isolation, you will find a literary blog that shares the writing tips, obstacles, and experiences of my personal writing journey. This was the initial vision for The Antsy Verse while I was still in college! 


the creator of The Antsy Verse Series

All About Me

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Hi! I'm Allie :)

When I moved to Bushwick, I was overcome with a sense of home and belonging. This neighborhood is underserved, but it is generous and welcoming. I wanted to give back while doing the things I love. 

I was previously an English teacher in Ecuador, an afterschool teacher for Creative Writing in Bushwick, an ESL tutor and an IELT's exam proctor in Manhattan, a journalist for Bushwick Daily, and a freelance writer for the BK Reader putting together pieces to highlight small businesses and community spaces/leaders in my neighborhood. I may have moved around in my professions, but my relationship with the written word and language remains. 

Now, I am a private tutor and writer, and am aiming to be the *hostess with the mostest* in community events! Some are donation-based and others are ticketed. This helps me continue creating these events and highlight local organizations. More events focused on community help are coming soon. 

You can usually find me in the neighborhood walking about, at a local cafe, at home because it's where the magic happens (so comfy and luckily, the place where I can do the most work from), or visiting family in Queens and playing with my dogs, Nana and Chichi. 

Say hi! Send me an email at or send me a DM at either my personal account @allieihg or my initiative account @theantsyverse. 

See Me in Action!

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